Career Changer Bootcamp

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Career Changer Bootcamp


Super frustrated because you want to make a career change, but just don't know where to start?

With the Career Changer Bootcamp, we spend four weeks getting you unstuck, helping you uncover your strengths and hone in on what your next steps should look like.

This package is for you if: 

+ You have no clue where to start on your next career move
+ You need someone to bring clarity to all the noise in your head
+ You need someone to show you how much money you could even make in that new career and discern whether the switch is worth it
+ You want to understand what your strengths/ transferable skills are and how to translate that into a new career
+ You need some recommendations on different tools + books to get you moving
+ You then need help with your value proposition
+ You need someone to vent to about how annoying this whole process is + someone to make you laugh

What you get:

+ Four 30 minute call discussing your needs
+ A plan to discern those next steps
+ Free book to support you in your career pivot
+ Unlimited email
+ Discounts to other services
+ Having an accountability partner with you ever step of the way

I'm excited to work together, friend!

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