Hi I'm Jena! 

I help go-getter professionals figure out what they want to do in their careers and how to get there.  I've worked with hundreds of clients who as a result of working with me, have made more money, felt more fulfilled in their work and landed their dream jobs.  

The other thing I do for clients?  I make the process fun.

Yes, fun. 

Finding a job, let alone a fulfilling career, can be really stressful.  My goal is to make you have as much fun as possible while still working with the end goal in mind: finding you a career that you love. With some quick wit, come-to-Jesus moments and a swift kick in the tush, I will push you in the direction you need to go to be successful.  My coaching philosophy is a mixture of "all-the-feels" and "action-packed-application".  Together, we get to the bottom of the issue and build a plan from the ground up to boost your confidence, attract employers and grow your network.  

I not only know these tools and tactics work because they've helped my clients.
I know, because I've personally landed multiple dream jobs using them. 


More of the fun "About me" stuff

I recently moved to the Nashville area, finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a southern gal. But, for the past five years I've spent launching my career and trying to adult in New York City.  I entered the workforce as an investment banker before swiftly realizing that that life was NOT for me.  From there, I headed to the New York Stock Exchange where I spent time on the trading floor interviewing CEOs of IPO'ing companies. Yes, it was just as cool as it sounds.  And finally, I ended my time in New York at one of the coolest, fastest-growing startups: The Muse.  As I'm always up for a challenge, I decided to launch my own business to help other people find their own awesome careers. 

I believe that if more people loved their jobs, there would be a positive ripple effect throughout our communities, within our relationships and for the Kingdom.

Here's what I know to be true: I'm in awe of Jesus' love and my ideal morning is soaked with Him + His Word, coffee and some mellow jams. Thursday nights are set aside for wine.  And Friday nights for sleep.  I'm an early riser, a wannabe cook, ex-musical theater junkie and can plow through dozens of books in no time.  Next plan - to write one. The thing I miss most about living in NYC are those chick-a-dees above. In a world of Twitter feuds and Real Housewives, it's awesome to have positive female friendships. I particularly miss watching Steelers football games with my family, my mom's impeccable taste in decor and my father's Bad Dad jokes.  

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