LinkedIn + Resume Revamp

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Resume & (1).jpg

LinkedIn + Resume Revamp


Do you feel like you've been staring at your resume for hours and it still doesn't look any better? What about your LinkedIn? If I were a betting girl, you barely have logged on and added your current job.....

Am I right?!

Your marketing materials are your biggest asset in the job hunt, and if they aren't top notch, well you best be ready to wait a long time to land another gig. 

With a LinkedIn + Resume Revamp you get:

  • Overhauled Resume with as many edits as necessary
  • Access to more effective templates
  • Overhaul of your LinkedIn profile
  • Tips and tricks to better utilize and optimize your profile, including ways to get your profile seen by recruiters 
  • Recommended list of photographers potentially in your area to do your headshots, cost-effectively!
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