Q&A Session


Q&A Session


Are you confused by all the conflicting career information swarming the internet? Are you motivated and wanting to make a change, but simply need answers to your specific career questions?

This session is for you! 

This call is 30 minutes of "getting down to business". I'll provide you all the answers to your biggest questions as well as resources to help you move forward towards a thriving career.  Some questions I've helped clients answer:

  • How do I explore new careers?
  • How do I get my resume seen?
  • Networking - how can I do that without being awkward?
  • With the experience I currently have, what other career paths should I look into?
  • I got a job, but need to negotiate my salary - HELP!

Relate to one of these? Spend 30 minutes with me and we'll get you moving in the right direction!

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