Resume Revamp

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Resume Revamp


Getting your resume prepped can be the worst.  Especially if you have ZERO idea how to put your years of experience into writing. Where do you begin? 

This service is for you if:

+ You spend hours on your resume and you STILL don't know if it's right
+ You are a career changer and need to figure out how to showcase transferable skills
+ You are applying to a specific industry, but need some help conveying your story
+ You haven't touched your resume in years and need someone to tell you what the latest trends are

What you get:

+ 30 minute consultation about your goals
+ 1 resume revamp with as many edits as necessary
+ Included is a new format and overhaul on your content
+ Tips and tricks on how to best utilize your resume - it's one thing to have a great resume, but if you can't get it seen, it's no good! 
+ Timeline: Depending on your availability and response to edits/homework (yes, I give homework!) the process takes about 1-2 weeks

I look forward to working together!

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