Triple Threat Kit (LI + resume + cover letter)

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Triple Threat Kit.jpg

Triple Threat Kit (LI + resume + cover letter)


With every good product or service launch, you need to have marketing materials in place and a plan in action. When changing jobs, it's no different.  You need to have a plan in place with marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn and cover letter) refined and ready to go should the right opportunity arise. 

Most people have disjointed marketing materials.  Maybe their resume looks really good, but they've barely touched their LinkedIn. And cover letter? How do you write one of those again? 

This package is for you if: 

+ You have no clue where to start on your cover letter
+ You know your resume needs. some. work. Scratch that - lots of work
+ You are frustrated with LinkedIn and are about to throw in the towel on it.....but would really still like recruiters to find you and reach out to YOU
+ You need someone who can take your experience and make it into words. Because who knew writing about yourself would be this hard?!
+ You need someone to vent to about how annoying this whole process is + someone to make you laugh

What you get:

+ 30-45 minute call discussing your needs
+ 1 resume revamp with as many edits as needed (content and template)
+ 1 cover letter instruction & revamp with as many edits as needed (content and template)
+ SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile revamp with tips and tricks on how to better utilize the platform

I'm excited to work together, friend!

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