Side Hustle Launch Kit

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Side Hustle Launch Kit

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It took me so long to launch my side business. I had SO many questions. What could I sell? What about pricing? Marketing strategy? Do I have to worry about legal stuff? OMG a website?! How do I create that? 

I don't want that for you. I want you to launch - Now.

This kit will get your side hustle up and running, taking care of the big, scary things that continue to stall us in the process.


What we'll accomplish:
+ Cut through the noise and pick one side hustle to launch
+ Create a written product & pricing strategy
+ Craft a simple, easy-to-implement marketing strategy
+ Build an easy-to-edit Squarespace website to get your first sales
+ Answer any pressing you questions you have about launching a side hustle...from someone who's done it

This is for you if:
+ You have a bunch of ideas and can't decide on one
+ You've always wanted a side hustle but don't know where to begin
+ You need a one-stop-shop to get your hustle up and running
+ You want to make extra income to create better job and financial security

What's included:

+ (4) 60-min strategy sessions
+ Unlimited email correspondence
+ Basic image editing
+ Worksheets, tools and resources guides
+ Basic Squarespace website

  • setup domain
  • 3 styled website pages
  • 3 social media integrations
  • basic setup of newsletter


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