Are you ready to leave your
disengaging job and find a home at a company that actually values culture


The time is now. Life is just too short to hate your career.

What would you do if you didn't have to go into your current job one more day? Would you be happier? Would your personal relationships flourish?  Would you have something to talk about....other than, you know, how much you hate your job?

Now imagine if you actually loved waking up in the morning because you couldn't WAIT to get to the office? Imagine if you had coworkers who supported you, you got paid what you're worth and there were tons of growth opportunities at your disposal. Imagine if you knew you days were limited at your soul-sucking job, because you had an escape plan in place to get you the heck outta there!?

Now that is something I can help with, friend.


Here's the deal though:

I only work with hungry, ambitious professionals who are ready to take action, seize control of their careers and actually believe that loving their job isn't a pipe dream - but an attainable reality. They are absolute rockstars who have an idea of what they want to do, but need help getting clarity on exactly what + crafting an aggressively proactive plan to get there. I help these champions leave disengaging jobs to find homes at companies who value culture, growth and flexibility.

I teach them how to "Recruit the Employer".

Recruit the Employer is right for you if:

✔  You are a mid to senior level corporate or startup professional looking to make a transition into more purpose-driven work

✔  You are frustrated because you are sending out resumes and you aren't hearing. anything. back.

✔  You believe in the value of investing in yourself and professional development

✔ You know you are capable of doing a great job, but you don't know how to package your skills into something that is enticing to an employer

✔ You'd rather die than look at another job posting

✔ You're ready to talk about something other than how frustrated you are with your job

✔ You're ready to LOVE going into the office everyday

So how exactly does Recruit the Employer work?

Recruit the Employer is a 1:1, intensive 8-week program designed to help you craft a personal career brand that will differentiate you from the competition and ultimately land you your dream job.

Over the course of 8 weeks, I'll help you get clarity on your career trajectory, establish a customized plan to help you find the job, give you all the tools and resources to market to the job, gain the confidence to land the job (and negotiate your salary!) and finally construct a personal framework for future growth & work-life balance in your new thriving career.

Take a look at what we cover together:


✔ Discover what the heck YOU want to do, now that you're all grown up

✔ Understand what value you bring to the marketplace

✔ Get out of your analysis paralysis and get clear on your career direction

✔ Evaluate your transferable skills, passions and what type of company you want to work for

✔ Cut through the BS on the job search boards and have a strategy to find YOUR job

✔ Network with the RIGHT people in a non-awkward way - that actually results in interviews

✔ Nix the overwhelm and determine an actionable plan 

✔ Craft a KILLER elevator pitch that catches an employer's attention

✔ Build a branded resume with our partner, Elevated Resumes, that actually represents how awesome you are and how a company would be STUPID not to hire you

✔ Optimize your LI, write an eye-catching Cover Letter and create an out-of-the-box application  

✔ Step into the interview as a leader

✔ Negotiate a raise before you even start the job (this module ALONE pays for the program multiple times over)

✔ Gain insight on what employers really want to see in an interview

✔ Get ridiculously confident about your interviewing skills that will easily land you the job


✔ Now that you've scored the job (Congrats!) we craft a long-term plan

✔ Learn how to transition well into this new position

✔ Position yourself for future growth within the company

✔ Gain clarity on your work-life balance routine

Due to the intimate nature of the program, there are limited spots to work with me by application only.

Who am I and why do I care so much about helping you find a career that you love?

When I graduated from college, I was pretty puffed up about my career accomplishments. Before my senior year even started, I had landed a full-time offer at a bulge bracket investment bank, a job coveted by most of my fellow Finance major peers. I was moving to New York City, promised a handsome salary and getting exposure to some pretty important and successful people.

Living the life right?

Yeah, until I wasn’t.

Quite quickly I realized that that investment banking life was. not. for. me. I was working insane hours (like 80 hour workweeks, people), had no social life and my health was starting to deteriorate. I was a fraction of myself, zapped of all creativity and was barely surviving in a soul-sucking job. It didn’t matter how much money I was making, this was absolutely not worth it.

I wanted to find something I was passionate about! Somewhere I could actually use my gifts (which by the way, I had a hard time figuring out at first). For a company I could stand behind for their values and mission. And some mentorship and camaraderie with my coworkers.

Was I asking for too much?

No. No I wasn’t. And you aren’t either.

Think about it, the majority of our life is spent at work. In fact, the average person works 90,360 hours in their lifetime. 90,360 HOURS! That’s a lot of time to spend doing things you hate. Work was designed to be a good thing - fulfilling, challenging, life-giving. Why have we become a culture that accepts and believes the lie that you have to hate your job?

I refuse to believe it and you should too.

So after escaping my soul-sucking job, I was determined to find a career that I loved. I maneuvered some pretty major and minute career transitions, ultimately landing at a company and in a position that I thrived in. With every move, I ensured that I was always being propelled one step closer to my career goals.

I want that for you. I want you to get up every day excited to go to work. To love your coworkers. To feel like you have purpose and can provide (because Hey! making money doing work you love is just as important!) for yourself and your family. To be on fire for what your company is trying to accomplish. I’ll say it a million times over - I’m a firm believer that if people loved their jobs, there would be an unparalleled positive ripple effect in our communities, within relationships and for the good of our global economy and the Kingdom.

And at the same time, I also know what it’s like to go through the job search process. I tried all the typical job searching techniques - applying online, trying to comb through incredibly overwhelming job boards, hoping my resume was decent enough to garner the attention of someone who mattered at a company I was interested in working for. Honestly, I felt like I was beating my head against a wall.

So I threw in the towel and called it quits.

I decided that I was going to hack this whole job search thing to ensure that I had more control over the process. And you know what?

It worked.

I was able to pivot, grow and land multiple interviews and job offers.

And I want to teach you how to do it so that you too can thrive in your professional life.


Some of my own career highlights:

  • Landed job at a bulge bracket investment bank before my senior year of college

  • Scored a role at the NYSE where I got to interview CEOs and CFOs of IPO’ing companies

  • Participated in pitch to get Alibaba, the biggest IPO in the history of world, to list NYSE vs Nasdaq

  • Pivoted into a sales position as the 33rd(ish) employee at rapidly growing startup, The Muse

  • Moved internally to a brand new position (built for me) to launch, create and facilitate The Muse’s first sales training program

  • Started my career coaching as a side hustle, building up my clientele over the course of two years before launching full-time

  • My resume work is featured in the WSJ Bestselling book The New Rules of Work by Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos

  • I’ve been featured in a slew of publications including Business Insider, Bustle, The Muse, Glassdoor, Fast Company, mindbodygreen and Grit & Virtue

  • I’ve hosted panel discussions alongside Deloitte’s CEO, Cathy Engelbert, at General Assembly, Parsley Health and at various churches & colleges

  • What I’m most proud of is coaching over 800 people. Helping people find work they love is pretty much as rewarding as it comes. Here are just some of the testimonials about my time spent with these folks.