Create the career and life
you've always wanted

I firmly believe that every person should be passionate about the work they do.
You weren't meant to merely survive in your career - you were meant to thrive.


Do you have to peel yourself out of bed every morning to get to work? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions, not challenged in your work?    Are you frustrated because you keep wondering, "I spent all this time and money on school, so why do I feel so unfulfilled in my career?!" or "Now that I'm all grown up, what do I want to do with my life?"

What if you could:

  • Wake up every morning excited to get to work?
  • Find a career that you are passionate about - and that pays you well?
  • Feel appreciated in your work by your colleagues and managers
  • Stop looking at your job as just a 9 to 5 or a "way to pay the bills" but rather as a mission to cultivate your gifts for the good of others
  • Eradicate fear from your personal dictionary and replace it with confidence, strength and faith
  • Actually be excited to change careers and not feel overwhelmed by the job search process
  • Understand how to translate your strengths and skills from one job to another
  • Get rid of procrastination and actually create a plan for your career and life
  • Have actionable steps towards the next chapter in your career
  • Interview like a champ
  • Land the job of your dreams - one where you're finally fulfilled, happy and thriving

Never fear, I am going to help you achieve all of this this year!  

So which program is for you??

Do you feel like a 30 minute jam session just won't cut it, yet you aren't eager beaver enough for a VIP session?  You know your situation is unique and needs a little more guidance and TLC.  Plus, you want someone to hold you accountable and keep you from the Job Search Procrastination Syndrome.  You need...

Let's get a plan in place!

During the course of this six-week program you and I are going to become great friends.  With weekly calls, deep dives into your passions, strategic career design, resources for the job search, and edits to the necessary evils (LinkedIn, cover letter, resume) - we're going to make you the best candidate this job market has ever seen.  

Through 1:1 coaching, I am going to help you land your dream job! 

Do you need a tidbit of individualized attention, want a second pair of eyes on your resume & LinkedIn or are just unsure how to go about this whole job search thing?  You need...

Career Coaching via The Muse 

I am Trusted Career Coach on The Muse, offering:

  • Ultimate Career Kit
  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Resume Review
  • LinkedIn + Cover Letter Review
  • Interview Prep


Looking for someone to drop some knowledge at your next event? Perhaps you are you a college career center. A church youth group. A company looking for a millennial perspective to careers, work-life balance and professional development? Well, I may be just your girl. I would love to join in on your organization's activities and share what I've seen work (and not work!) in my own career and with the hundreds of other people I've coached.

To learn more about speaking topics and pricing, please email Jena at